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Bars & Bark

Bar Dark Chocolate

100G Dark Chocolate Bar. Minimum 70% cocoa.

Regular Price: $4.50

Bar Milk Chocolate

Extra creamy milk chocolate bar.

Regular Price: $4.50

Bar White Chocolate

Rich White Chocolate

Regular Price: $4.50

Bar Peanut Brittle

Extra creamy milk with peanut brittle

Regular Price: $4.50
Regular Price: $4.95
Regular Price: $4.95
Regular Price: $4.95
Regular Price: $7.50
Milk or Dark?
Regular Price: $6.55
Bar : Medallions : Flowers :
Choose a variant


Ride on up to Lakefield to enjoy this bicycle inspired ...

Regular Price: $3.50
Milk, Dark, or White?

The Mad Hatter

Tea Lounge


Come sit for a spell and enjoy a Tea or Coffee from our specialty selection of teas and blends.

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