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Treat yourself or give a gift of great tea or coffee from The Chocolate Rabbit!

We have specially blended organic/bio-grown Loose leaf black, herbal, Rooibos, Honeybush, white, green and fruit teas to calm and invigorate your senses!


And if you love a good cup of Java, we offer aromatic Carolinas Columbia, Arabicas coffee dark, medium, blonde and espresso roasts. Ground or whole beans.

Local Peterborough owners of Carolina's coffee use no pesticides - plants are shade grown under old growth canopy, socially responsible.


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Tea & Coffee

Scottish Breakfast

Black Tea

Price: $9.40

Canadian Breakfast

Flavored Black Tea

Price: $9.40


Black flavored tea!

Price: $8.20

Twiggy Tea

Black tea, designed to assist in a weight loss program!

Price: $13.00

Tie Kwan Yin

Green Oolong

Price: $22.00

Sencha Ginger

Japanese green tea!

Price: $8.50

Sencha 40

Japanese Green Tea

Price: $10.00


South African Rooibos

Price: $8.50

Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry Leaves

Price: $9.50

Prince of Wales

Black Tea

Price: $8.05

Polarfest Blend

Herbal - Rooibos! PolarFest was blended to celebrate ...

Price: $8.80

Philosopher Tea


Price: $8.15

Orange Chocolate

Black flavored tea!

Price: $8.50


Herbal - Honeybush!

Price: $9.70

Monk Tea

Black flavored tea!

Price: $8.05

Masala Chai

Black tea!

Price: $11.50

Margaret Laurence

Chai - Japanese green tea!

Price: $11.50

Lemon Spice

Black flavored tea! Great iced!

Price: $8.20

Lemon Myrtle

Herbal - Rooibos!

Price: $8.20

Lady Grey

Black flavored tea!

Price: $8.20


Black tea! Orange Pekoe!

Price: $9.40

Holy Basil

Herbal - Rooibos

Price: $11.50


Dried Ginger Root

Price: $15.40


Genmaicha Japanese green tea

Price: $10.00
Price: $10.60

Fairy Water

Herbal! Celebrate Lakefields annual Faerie and Dragon ...

Price: $8.35


White tea

Price: $13.35

English Breakfast

Black Tea!

Price: $8.35

Emperor's Tea

Black flavored Tea

Price: $8.05
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The Mad Hatter

Tea Lounge


Come sit for a spell and enjoy a Tea or Coffee from our specialty selection of teas and blends.

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