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 Christmas At The Chocolate Rabbit

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...our favourite time of the year!

A time for sharing a hot chocolate with a friend. Gift buying for all of your loved-ones on days filled with frosty car windows, bustling streets, and the never ending battle for a parking spot.

We can take care of all of those things for you. Come visit The Chocolate Rabbit, where you can share a tea or hot chocolate with a friend and browse our great selection of gifts, including Tea and Tea Accessories, Truffles, and Chocolates of all shapes and sizes.

There's PLENTY of parking! And plenty more for you to see and taste at The Chocolate Rabbit.

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Christmas Pieces

Assorted Christmas pieces

Price: $7.45

Gift Basket Custom

Baskets that fit your budget!

Santa on his sleigh

Santa on a ride.

Price: $10.75
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The Mad Hatter

Tea Lounge


Come sit for a spell and enjoy a Tea or Coffee from our specialty selection of teas and blends.

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